Hand Engraving and Engravers Tools for Jewelers and Artists
Hand Engraving and Tools for Engravers, Jewelers and Artists
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Hand Engraving Artist,  Steve J. Lindsay
Lindsay Engraving, Inc.

A premier banknote engraver as well as a toolmaker.  Exhibition grade gold inlay, wildlife scenes, and various scroll decorations on only the finest handmade knives, guns and jewelry.

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Engravers Tools
The hand engraving tools invented and used by Steve Lindsay are now available.  The Air Chasing Graver and Omega AirGraver are unsurpassable for ultra fine banknote engraving and yet have the capability to deliver power needed for deep bold engraving, bright cut engraving, background removal, jewelry work and stone setting.

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The Air Chasing Graver is available in two versions. 
The Air Chasing Graver and the larger Omega AirGraver

If you are learning to engrave be sure visit EngravingSchool.com

Fine Hand Engraving with the aid of an Operating Zeiss Microscope and an Air Chasing Graver.

images/hoel04a copy1x11x1.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x11x2.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x11x3.jpg
images/hoel04a copy1x12x1.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x12x2.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x12x3.jpg
images/hoel04a copy1x13x1.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x13x2.jpg images/hoel04a copy1x13x3.jpg

Above image: Magnification of 1" x 3/4" area.  Inlayed 24k gold sheet and wire with Banknote and Bulino Hand Engraving.   See more images of this tiger piece.

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Email:  slindsay@lindsayengraving.com
Lindsay Engraving, Inc.  www.lindsayengraving.com

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